Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday we received such a special letter in the mail. It was from a dear friend of mine who is in China doing mission work with her husband and children. (You know who you are:) the way could you email me your email address, thanks:) Wow, as I poured over her letter I cried, she too has had such loss in the last few years. But I was so encouraged by her precious words.
She also sent a beautiful wall hanging that has Jeremiah 29:11 written on it in Chinese, in the shape of a cross. It is so special. It is hanging right by our front door so we can be reminded that God does have a plan to prosper us and not harm us, to give us a HOPE and a future. Beautiful words... Beautiful reminder. The kids were so thrilled too, they couldn't believe we received a gift from the other side of the world. Thank you so much dear friends.

We have been so blessed by so many people, meals, gifts, ornaments in memory of Samuel, cards, CD's, books, magazines, and prayers. Many cards have been read and reread in the tough moments when I just need to be reminded of God's love for us. When you are wondering why He, the God of the Universe, the God you have always trusted, who is capable of anything, allowed your son to die sometimes you just need to remember that He does still love you regardless of how you feel. His word says He does... so He does. His word is TRUTH, not my feelings. I know I have said that before but I myself need the constant reminder. I am going to plaster His truths around my house just so I see that reminder everywhere I turn. I know it sounds pretty pathetic, you would think that when these truths have always been your cornerstone you wouldn't need the constant visual. But you know, the devil attacks, and I have felt it a great deal over the last couple of months. Nothing better to combat Him with than the word of God.

To know that people are praying for us is a gift to my soul. I know that is the only reason we made it through the first few weeks...knowing many were pounding on God's door on our behalf. So thank you everyone for all you have done for us, we are blessed! We continue to appreciate the prayers, there are still many ups and downs each day. But Praise God there are times the weight of our grief seems lighter.


Lisa said...

That is absolutely beautiful, Sarah. I'm giving thanks today for that gift to you. Our prayers continue.


Hedstrom family said...

Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I was blessed by reading your poem "11 weeks." May God continue to be near to you and hold you in the palm of His hand.
We sang the 2nd verse of Come thou fount of every blessing today and I thought of your Ebenezer. Thanks again for sharing!
Praying for you,
Mary H.