Saturday, January 11, 2014

youth conference

We are so blessed to stay at our missionary friends house in Kampala.  She has a beautiful viewwas the city:)  we usually eat local food for dinner each night!  It
is delicious!  This night we had stuffed chapoti... kind of like burritos!  It was so good... I got to taste some and hit the sack early with a migrane...:(:( Thankfully, I felt MUCH better the next day!

Saturday we spent all day out in the village at a youth conference.  Our kids did an excellent job sharing with the teens.  There was around 300 kids there.  What a neat opportunity for my boys.  I am so thankful for how God is using this trip to stretch and grow my boys!  Caleb shared about losing samuel and had an opportunity to pray for others there that are hurting because of the loss of a loved one.  And louis shared on forgiveness... all 4 of our teens did great!
Our leader, pastor dwight and his missionary daughter, emma gave some great messages and testimony of what God is doing or has done in their lives!     . It was a great day filled with great worship, sharing Gods word, and testimonies.  This conference was held where we had the Christmas party.  A special little guy lawrence snuck in the back door, crawled in my lap, and fell right to sleep!  He is so precious... what a way to end my day being able to love on Lawrence!  Perfect!  I am so thankful to be here!!

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Jska said...

What a richness of life comes across in your photos and writing. Praying for the coming days that they would be alive and full of time for hearing and loving people! Jx