Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Safe on the ground

Safe on the ground in Uganda!!!!

Heading to a couple of orphanages today... Picking up more of the team tonight...

Can't wait to love on my babies here today!!!

Pray for a delay on some of the team with snow... Pray for them to make their connection in France...
Pls pray for the Thompson crew to get Emma's new passport today despite snow issues in Chicago!!! We know God can move mountains to make this happen!!

Much love friends!

Will post more soon!!!

Thanks for the prayers for safe travel!!!


Jska said...

Hope the flight was ok for you. Praying for your time there to be fruitful and enrich the children's lives x

Katie McCrackin said...

Awww I can't believe little Felix was adopted!!!! That's so wonderful he has a family :) and oh my goodness, Destiny sounds like such a big orphanage!! Is it anything like Sanyu? Is there a better ratio of caregivers to kids there? Can't wait to hear about Hannah and more updates :) love you and praying for you all!!!!