Friday, January 3, 2014

Street boys...

Today we were blessed with the opportunity to serve at the baby home again and then we headed to the feeding program ministry in the slums. 

We started out walking through the slums to the pitch, the soccer field.  There was tons of trash right next to the field.... Really...  lots of trash EVERYWHERE!!   Uganda does not have any trash system... Actually they do... Burn it wherever... whenever.  

The smell is strong in the slums... It is dirty...truly deplorable conditions.  It is very hard to imagine anyone living there amidst the tiny shacks.  But far harder to imagine the street boys living without any shelter... On the streets... It is a dangerous place.  I will share more about why it is dangerous tomorrow.   We fed beans, rice, jackfruit, and mango to the boys that was cooked in the back of this container.  

This is most of the team getting ready to pass out the meals.  I got to tip the big jug of water to wash hands... Ugandans are so dark so you can't really tell how dirty they are.  I have never seen such dirt.  It just kept coming off.  Then it dawned on me that they probably haven't washed hands in at least a couple days.  And touching all that they are exposed to as homeless street boys sleeping on the ground, you can only imagine...

Our kids with the street boys... I love looking at each and every expression on each face.  Priceless!
They were having a ball:)

Look deep into those precious eyes... They tell quite a story... 

To be a part of the feeding program the kids have to attend the whole program... Which always requires that they attend the bible and worship time.  These boys were worshipping their hearts... It was inspiring... It struck me that almost in a way, that because they don't have the over abundance they had less holding them back.  Their reality  is that their need for a savior and help, comfort and peace from Him in their lives daily are desperately needed.  

Louis was blessed with being able to share Gods word with the boys.  He shared Deauteronomy 31:6 

Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for The Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you or forsake you!

Life as a street boy is scary... He wanted to encourage them that they are never alone... The Lord is always with them through all of the difficulties in life.  Precious words from my 16 year old son to boys his same age and much younger as well... 

Tomorrow I will post about a new friend of mine who gave me a MUCH clearer picture of what life as a street boy is like.  

We are thrilled that we will be back in the slums next week to do program again with the boys... Already on the hunt for a special gift for my new friend... God provided through a friend from church...exactly what he wanted... I Can't wait to take it to him next week.

Your prayers are much Appreciated... Our prayer has been as we prepared for the trip that The Lord would break our hearts for what breaks his... That is happening daily as the things we see and take  in are at times overwhelming... Prayers for the street boys would be great too...

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