Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Saturday and Sunday in Uganda:)

Jillian, Louis, and Caleb with heir new buddies.   I literally had to leave the painting to hear what all the fun was about... The laughing erupting from their game of hot corn (hot potato) was so awesome!!!  Beautiful day loving on kids!
Nicole from our team measuring feet for new shoes... That will be a part of our Christmas gift to them on Tuesday:)
Kim and a special from from the village orphanage... (Notice the paint on her glasses... We were covered)
Painting the orphanage out in rural Uganda.
This precious girl couldn't have been more than 4... Cared for her little brother ALL day... What a little mommy... 

Today we were so blessed by the amazing worship out in the village.  They built the church on the bottom floor and an orphanage up top... They believe it is the churches job to care for the orphans of this country.  What a beautiful ministry !!

 We had  the wonderful privilege of praying for the  members there during worship.  I actually had a mommy come up to me and say that when she gets pregnant she  loses every baby.  She wants to get pregnant and keep a baby.  I right away told her that I too had lost a baby... And could pray for her from my heart... I too know that pain... What a precious sister in Christ.  The Lord always brings the exact people right to us for us to minister to.  

Thanks for the prayers!

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