Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The abundance of the Lord

So  Anna and Caleb hit the road with me today to head to Royal Oaks Apple Orchard in Harvard Illinois today.  We were there a few weeks back to actually pick apples with some family and friends...
But today we headed there for another reason...
To glean the apples that had fallen off the trees.
(Gleaning was a practice that they allowed in Old Testament times where the harvesters  would leave some of the harvest on the ground for those less fortunate to gather later)
So this neat orchard allows non profit organizations to come and gather for their churches, food pantries etc. 
We were AMAZED by the abundant blessing of our Father... and the recipients of our church food bank will blessed today with fresh apples from the orchard. 
The only rules... don't pick off the trees... only off the ground... but we knew full well from picking there a few weeks ago, that when you picked one beautiful apple off the tree that a few seemed to always fall to the ground. 
The apples on the ground were next to perfect... :):)
It was a super chilly night, (they even let us pull the car right out into the orchard) but the kids and I had a blast knowing it would blessing to many today!
Love the generous heart of Royal Oaks Orchard... if you live near there... give them a try next year for apple picking:):)

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