Tuesday, October 8, 2013

apple picking

This past Saturday we drove about an hour away to go apple picking at a beautiful Christian run apple orchard.  Levi loved it... the rain... the puddles... and munching on all the apples he could get his hands on:)

It is such a treat to just live a couple of hours away from my family... (not at all a reason we moved here... but a total bonus... kind of like a cherry on top for us!!! Such a sweet bonus blessing!!) 
This past summer while the boys would go up and stay with my 2 brother's families in Wisconsin to visit cousins, they were blessed to get to know family friends of theirs.  I am thankful that the Lord used that and allowed our boys to make some pretty neat friends.  We finally were able to meet as families up north and now to spend some time at the apple orchard with them... such neat people! 

That is our Hopie girl! So funny!
Louis, Isaiah, and Ella! 

This is the perfect picture of Isaiah to show how his nose totally gets this flat spot on top when he grins real big... How did we get so blessed to get this sweet little nugget!??  Talk about adding sunshine to our days!!

The crew on the hay wagon!  By far the favorite apple choice of our family was the liberty apples...  We had never had them before, but they were SO GOOD!!  Sweet, but tart too!  I think that is pretty much what we filled our bag with and then bought a bag of seconds to make apple sauce.  :)
7 of my greatest treasures!  We were so blessed by a great day at the orchard, even despite the rain showers.  My heart is full! 

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