Saturday, July 14, 2012

The last of them...

Here are the last of the pics from vacation... Hopie, Anna, with Uncle Dale and Aunt Lisa:)  I was blessed by getting a chance to have a good heart to heart with my sister in law...
Anna with Grandma and Grandpa Hintz... they always take such good care of us while when we are in Texas... The trips down always pass WAY too quickly!  At least this trip Grandma didn't injure herself while playing soccer or jumping on the tramp with the kids... She loves to get in the mix with them...:)
Jojo and Anna after watching the fireworks from the driveway!:)
Caleb and his cousins doing some sparklers:)
Jojo and Daddy relaxing after the fireworks...  We miss him, that daddy of ours... He has been away all this week and it has me so thankful that really he doesn't have to travel much with his job... generally only to things that he really wants to go and do, like mission trips and conferences and such.  I am so glad that he has a heart to continue growing and learning, but we sure do miss him when he is gone.  

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Tesha said...

Looks like so much family fun! We are missing Daddy also as he could not join us. I hope you have a fun safe time on your upcoming drive. Saying a prayer for you now!