Tuesday, July 24, 2012

19 years today...

19 years ago today... we pledged "Till death do us part!"

Never in a million years would I have thought the Lord would bring us through all He has in the past 19 years. 
There have been some beautiful times and some times that I honestly, can't believe Greg loved and held me through...the darkest of times.
God knew I would need a man who would hang with me for the long haul through the hardest of times...

I am so thankful that the Lord chose Him for me...
I am so thankful for a committed husband, an incredible father to our kids, an orphan lover, a lover of people, ultimately a man that wants the world to know his savior personally, a man that is truly committed till death parts us! 

The pastor at my nieces wedding this past weekend had the best message... It was so so good to hear just before celebrating our anniversary.

Unfortunately, we are celebrating apart again this year... I celebrated with my 2 sister in laws and sister over tea and coffee cake this morning... It was such a treat!
My hubby and I will celebrate together when we get home later this week... I can't wait to be in the same house again!!!

Greg, here is to the next 19 and more... I am committed and excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the future... I know He has great plans for your life and ministry.   I am so glad to be experiencing this great adventure with you by my side... I can't wait to see the child that the Lord will add to our home soon, for you, me, and the kids to make our own... What a gift from HIM!  (It thrills me to know He knows exactly who that precious pumpkin will be!)  Babe, here's to being one in HIM... 19 years together here... 19 years closer to eternity our real HOME!

Love isn’t a feeling but a tying.

The practical translation of “I Love You” is “I am Tied to You” no matter what breaks loose.

Love never gives up but lays itself down.

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Tesha said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. I pray the next 19 will be even sweet than the the first. Praying you have a beautiful blessed day!