Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wild woman tamed:)

This sweet but wild little girl spent her first night in her big girl bed...

I know she is older than all of the rest of ours to finally make that move.

But anyone who knows her understands why... she is in CONSTANT motion and when she is in motion  she needs to be watched 24/7:)

Well, she made it all night long and didn't get out once.  When her stuffed animal fell out, she didn't get out to get it, but called for us to help.  She had promised that she wouldn't get out... This is a huge accomplishment for this little sweetie... She is so incredibly smart, but she tends to push the envelope at every turn so we were so excited that she made it.   We are so proud of her today!  WOOHOO!!! Way to go Hopie!


Tesha said...

I am about ready to make that move for Shayla. I am so glad it went well for her.

Trennia said...

Visitingfrom Tesha's link up :)
I'm glad it went well with the big girl move, way to go!