Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet Little Gourd:)

This sweet little guy, whom has somehow received the nickname "Gourd":)  I think from the little watching Veggie Tales, is cutting four molars... He is not happy today... Poor little man.  These pictures were taken sometime in the last week when he was in a better mood than today.  We are praying that they come in quick so that he is feeling back to his perky, happy, easy going self:)

G is gone for the next couple of days so the kids and I are doing a major OVERHAUL of the older boys room.  We rented a movie for the littles and the big boys and I are going to hit it hard tonight... Ahhh, I am dreading it, but it has to be done ASAP:)  I got the little girls room done last week and it is SO nice to walk in their room now... when things are decluttered so is my mind:)  My goal:  bit  by bit cleaning, purging, donating to people who need it more than I, and in turn freeing myself from all of this STUFF that so easily entangles me:):)

I am so excited, if that is the right work I am not sure, to do my "One Thousand Gifts" book discussion on Sunday mornings at church.  It is by Ann Voskamp and honestly, the book is amazing... amazingly challenging, amazingly hard on my heart, and amazingly beautiful.  She writes in such a poetic way, which normally I wouldn't understand, but for some reason it is ALL so applicable to me.  I think it is because she has experienced loss and I so relate to so many of her thoughts and feelings.  It is like she has looked into my heart or something.   I am excited to see what the other ladies think... It will be interesting for sure... It is a perspective changer for me for sure...

Much love friends!

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Tesha said...

Oh Poor little guy, so sorry. I will pray for him and for you with that bedroom overhaul :) I have heard of that book but never read it. I will have to get it after hearing you speak so highly of it. Have a wonderful weekend!