Monday, March 26, 2012

Levi and Jojo's birthday pictures

We ended up celebrating the boys birthdays on the same night because I think Greg had a meeting till late and couldn't eat cake with us.  Jojo had his King for the day meals on his birthday, ice cream for breakfast, chinese for lunch and pizza and soda for dinner. 

 Jojo picked his usual Schaum torte with Strawberries for his birthday treat... A little unconventional for a first birthday:)  So it wasn't exactly a smashing type of cake for Levi to squish but he loved it anyways:)

I finally made the birthday banner I have been wanting to get done... in all of my free time:)  The intent is to hopefully reuse it each year and just change out the names for the other kids... we will see how that goes...
 Levi Enjoying his first Schaum Torte:)

We took this picture right after he woke up on his birthday... Good morning birthday boy! 

It was such a precious day celebrating one of year of life with this little guy and 7 with Jojo... We are so very thankful for the gifts that they are to our family!

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Tesha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boys!!! It look like fun, we combine birthday around here sometimes also. I love the banner it is such a good idea and so cute!!!