Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our sweet miracle baby Levi Ryan turns one today... It seems absolutely impossible that Absolute Yummyness is already a year old... I know everyone says it, but truly our days are so full it seems like time is just going by faster and faster.  It is crazy!

This little boy has me totally and fully smitten and in Love.  He is such a little sweetheart, so cuddly, has the most soft squishy thighs, long toes, button nose, beautiful blue/green/grayish eyes.  My heart just delights in him... And in HIM for giving us this miraculous gift!

There is not a day that goes by, that I still am not totally amazed at how God brought our embryo donor mom into the picture of our life... She was the first person to wish this sweet pumpkin a happy birthday this morning, and I love it... I love her!  Truly, I look at Levi and see God so HUGELY at work in our lives... It lays HIS power and miraculous work right in front of my face.  After such hurt and pain in this life, it throws the Love God has for us right in front of me...

This smile makes my heart sing... Sing with love for all the kids that the Lord has given us, sing with love for our God who is so very gracious to lift us up from the miry clay and put a new song in our heart... A hymn of praise to our God! 

Happy Birthday Levi Ryan... You are our miracle boy!  God knew exactly what he was doing when he formed you almost 7 years ago... and when he started to regrow you almost 2 years ago in my womb... It amazes me!  You are such a gift to our whole family!


Christa said...

Happy Birthday to Levi! He is just so precious!

Tesha said...

So sweet, I love the pictures of this precious little guy. Very interesting powerful story of his life....Amazing how God works in our lives. Have a blessed day my friend.

ccc said...

Hi...visiting from another blog that you left a comment on. I am quite intrigued on how your son Levi came to be in your family. I am very healthy and my womb seems to be closing up, and like I said above, I am very curious after reading this on your blog. Is the story somewhere on your blog? Did you know the woman beforehand, or is there a ministry out there for this to save these embryos from destruction?
Sorry, if it not something you wish to speak about, I understand.

Ebe said...

Amazing little Levi! We love you!