Friday, January 27, 2012


As I write this, Greg and Louis are down at the health department getting their yellow fever and typhoid shots for their trip to Uganda in February.

We are all so excited for them to have this amazing opportunity.  Any of you who read sweet Linny's blog have read about the opportunities that they have had to minister to the orphans and street kids over there.  Well, Louis and Greg will be heading over with Linny's husband DW.  My sweet friend Abbi went last January and said that he has an amazing heart and totally restored her hope in Pastors.  While financially this is quite a stretch for us, we know deep down that this is what God is calling the men in this house to do.  And it couldn't be more perfect timing for each of them.  We know God will provide...  he always has, above and beyond our needs:)

While they are there they will be working in at least 3 different orphanages, one with at least 1000 kids... BREAK MY HEART!  They will also be feeding the street children... again... BREAK MY HEART!   Can you believe there are kids upon kids, little kids, even as young as 2-3 fending for themselves... homeless and with out food?  They will also be helping to put on a Pastor's/leaders conference.  They are anticipating 700-1000 leaders from 5 different African countries.  They will be teaching on the Life of David and integrity and character.  Their prayer before they go is .... Break my heart for what breaks your heart God!!!

My amazing hubby has such a heart for missions... One of the first words out of his mouth was... What if I don't want to come back???  I said, "We will deal with that bridge when we come to it if that is the case."  I am thrilled that they have this amazing chance to minister to the people of Uganda.  Of course, I would ask for you to pray with us for safe travel, their protection through out the trip, and for the Lord to work mightily in their hearts and He uses them mightily over there. 

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