Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This would be what Hope's high chair ended up looking like after a meal during Christmas Break... Thank God that she didn't get hurt... Yes, it did collapse while she was in it eating.  Par for the course for Hope, she just giggled... She is one tough little mama:)  It was beyond repair.  Looks like we are in the market for some type of high chair or toddler type chair...

Hope and sweet baby gourd, as the older boys like to call him.   I am not sure how the kids come up with the nick names that they do.  Hope is totally at the stage where she gives us the cheesy grin:) 

 Man, when I look at this picture, I am in awe of how God brought both of these 2 little ones into our family.  He is so good to bring us to the point where we can look outside of ourselves and our comfortable box of how we expect our life to go.  I am so thankful that the Lord had worked on our hearts and was opening them to adoption years ago. 

These 2 are becoming better buddies every day.  Levi, just laughs at Hope's antics and she is pretty smitten with him:)

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