Wednesday, May 18, 2011



This is one of my favorite pictures that we took on Mother's Day... why you ask... because it is so real... There is Jojo looking like he might wet his pants and there in the middle of it is sweet wild Hpe, sticking out her tongue... she is such a rascal...

This week she discovered how to climb out of the crib. It didn't surprise me at all... but she is the type of kid that I worry will hurt herself. We had to call poison control 2 weeks ago, because somehow when I was right with her, she snuck a bite of my deoderant... and to my disbelief she did swallow it. The lady at the poison control center said it is extremely common for kids her age. Really, to actually swallow deoderant? Yuck!

We have put childproof locks on all the doors in the house, which unfortunately Jojo can't even open. She is just so curious and busy... more so than any of the other kids. She also has started to throw temper tantrums. She is the first child where they haven't come to an abrupt halt as soon as we addressed it. It sort of makes me laugh because here we are with our 6th child and she is giving us a run for our money... Challenging us to try different things than we ever have had to before. It totally humbles me and really makes me realize I will never have this parenting thing down... I know that there will be new things, especially as we enter the teenage years that will totally have me pondering... What do we do now?

But at the same time I can see a calming down in her and she is listening so much better. It was funny, the other day when Greg and I were talking, I said, "Well this must be what they talk about when they say the terrible twos!" Up and down:) I just have never really experienced it with any of the other kids. And I say that all, with a happy heart, because they aren't really terrible at all, just a bit challenging at times. When I think of the fact that God brought this sweet, just precious, extremely smart, curious, somewhat bossy, full of the hootspa girl to our family in the absolute darkest time of my life I am soooooo very thankful! I fully trust and know that He is sovereign and she was meant for us! That brings me such joy:)!!!

The boys got 2nd in their soccer tournament last weekend. It was a really fun weekend, just busy... and that led into a really busy week. It has been so great to have them on the same team (Caleb plays up a division) but next year that won't work out because he will be 2 full years younger. It will make for a busier fall that is for sure. But honestly, it is so fun to watch them both do something that they really enjoy and are good at:)

Greg finally tonight had a night at home with us. I don't think he has made it home before 9:30 yet this week and he is always up and gone before any of us wake up:) It is funny how ministry flows because even though he is covering a lot more, (especially being the end of the school year, there are preschool graduations, national honor society deals, end of the school year activities etc etc. ) because our other pastor is on sabbatical right now, it has ALWAYS seemed like there are just weeks like this anyway in ministry... but then other weeks are a lot better. It ebbs and flows.

I am not complaining at all. Earlier this week, when I was having a week moment, I was sort of feeling sorry for myself... wishing we could be camping with our Texas friends this week, like we had planned... and then I was just so thankful to have my husband at all. There are so many women whose husbands travel a ton, have passed away, or who are serving our country... I CAN NOT COMPLAIN about a really busy work week. God is good... He always allows me to get my cup full when Greg is around and then it doesn't seem bad at all:)

A friend and I co led the monthly MEND meeting this past week for my infant loss support group. I have never done that and was a bit nervous... you just never know... there are so many intense emotions involved and it can be so hard when there is someone new, fresh in their grief... your heart just wants to break for them. I am so glad that there is MEND and it really seemed to go well. I was thankful for that. It is an amazing ministry:)

Well, that is about all for now... heading to bed after a really sweet little snuggle time with the little guy just a bit ago... I was just soaking up the sweetness:) LOVE IT!!!


Lindsay J Neumann said...

Love you Aunt Sara! As I read your post I thought about what age Samuel would be and what he might be getting into right along with Hope :) I'll bet they would've had tons of fun making mischief together!

Anonymous said...

Missed you this past week -- It just was not the same without schlitterkitten and family! Feeling good and praying this is a good summer for you all too!

Ebe said...

These pictures are lovely! I know you love them too. So happy to know you and your wonderful family. We're still looking to come and visit sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

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