Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today we say goodbye to the last of these 3 little kittens.

Louis's guitar teacher claimed one of the sweet little gray ones. Aren't their blue eyes so pretty?

The rest were snatched up at youth last Wednesday night... I told Lou he needed to find homes for all of them, and let me just say, taking them to youth with you will do the trick:)

It was really fun having them... but at the same time, I am ready to get the garage cleaned out and ready for summer playing.

Greg and Lou were in Joplin the last 2 days... Wow... is all I can say from the pictures he took and the stories he told me. It is overwhelming to think of all that was lost in lives, homes, possessions, jobs, income... I could go on and on... I will try to do a post soon, who knows maybe I can even talk Greg into posting about it. They met up with my oldest brother Mark, his wife Janie, and their 5 girls and worked with Samaritan's Purse.

Since Joplin is so close they are heading down here tomorrow for just a day I think... It will so great to have a quick visit together... we also are watching our friends 3 kids this weekend, so it will be a party around here. I am excited since we haven't seen them in the last 6 months...Posted by Picasa

I miss my family. The kids and I plan on heading up later in July for at least a couple of weeks... It already seems REALLY warm to me, so a couple of weeks in cooler Wisconsin will be wonderful in the crazy July heat around here...

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