Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The craziest thing happened tonight. The 2 older boys and I went to hear the Christian singer Robbie Seay in a free concert on the riverwalk... OK... BESIDES STILL BEING LIKE 100 DEGREES it was a delightful night:)
Here is a random bit of trivia about Robbie Seay... he mentioned that he was from Houston. After the concert Louis was having him sign his T-shirt and I asked him where in Houston he was from and mentioned to him that Greg and I had lived in Tomball when we were first married. Too funny... His wife was Miss Tomball soon after we moved there. I just had to laugh I remember seeing pictures of his wife as I waited in line for food at the Rib Tickler restaurant... It was hilarious... he said, "Yep her picture was up there as well as at Goodsons... home of the best Chicken Fried Steak. It was random and really kind of humorous.
We got there about 15 minutes early and I sat us down by a young couple. The gal asked if we needed more room... When I looked at her and said that we were fine... Her face lit up... "Are you Sara Hintz?" she asked. Man I was searching my mind, but she didn't look familiar to me at all. She right away told me her name. I recognized her name... she had found my blog through my sweet friend EBE in Georgia and emailed me since we live near the same city. She and I emailed a few times last winter, mainly about her attending MEND... She lost her firstborn baby boy, Elijah, about 6 mos before Samuel died. He was aslso stillborn. And she also has suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage. She even tried to come one night to MEND with her husband but they couldn't find the location. Honestly, I have thought of her over the last mos. and thought I should dig through my emails and just check up on her.... but never got around to it.
I feel bad that I never did, but I am just amazed at how God works... honestly, it is downright amazing... out of all the people to sit by, I plunk myself down right next to them, in a city of our size?
I am always amazed the instant connection I feel to someone who has also suffered the loss of a child. She was such a sweet gal. It was totally a God thing that He had us sit together. I needed the reminder that how I am still feeling is normal... that my mommy's heart will always miss my precious son and long for him. It was just precious for me to be able to share a little about Samuel with her and to hear about her son Elijah.
They are now pursueing adoption... Will you join me in praying for this precious couple B and J... that the Lord would bless them with a little one in their arms sooner rather than later. I just can't imagine having lost your children, but not having one here with you prior to that. I know all of those kinds of things make the grief journey different for each person. That would be so hard to not have any children in your arms here with you. My heart hurts for them tonight.
I have another absolutely amazing Way that God worked lately (It is a miraculous story:) that I will share soon and I will try to post some pics from up north as well. For some crazy reason, my memory card was acting up and not all of our pictures were saved... bummer.
I am so thankful tonight that God can move mountains and connect people in such amazing ways:) He is faithful!


Bethany said...

Thanks for the sweet post. I am so thankful for God's perfect timing in us meeting and the encouragement that comes from talking with other hurting moms. Robbie Seay was great too!

Ebe said...

This is such a cool story. Man, how much do I love the internet? God uses it in such amazing ways!

The Ordner Family said...

I am a friend of Kristy Watkins.. we are praying for you.. anyhow she sent us your blog so that we could read your story.. I saw Robbie Seay and boy is it a small world.. I went to High School with him! You have a beautiful family and an amazing story!