Monday, February 15, 2010


This morning my precious daughter told me that she wanted pigtails so she could be like mom...
That just melted my heart. I really don't pull off pigtails very well, but was feeling rather lazy and just wanted to get going with our home school day. But because of those crazy pigtails I was able to see the precious love in my sweet daughters heart. She is such a gift from God.
I remember when I was pregnant with her, Greg was gone for 2 weeks on a youth trip. I was up north with my parents at their lake home and Louis had come down with swimmers itch... he was covered head to toe in hives. The next day he fell down the steps and knocked out a tooth and was bleeding like crazy. Then there was Caleb aka "The Texas Tornado". I remember laying in bed that night praying that the baby would be a girl, I just wasn't sure I could handle another wild boy. Everything always seems worse after midnight for me. The next morning I awoke feeling much more relaxed knowing I would treasure whatever gender God gave me in that child:)
But when she was born a girl, for some reason I felt doubly blessed. I have never cared one way or the other what sex any of our kids were. (In fact that night (mentioned above, up at in the north woods, was the only time I ever made a request for any particular sex... and by morning I didn't care one way or the other) I remember being in the whirl pool tub after she was born just crying thinking that I would have a daughter to raise. I love girly things and having a girl would allow me the chance to share all of that with my daughter... it was just a special bonus to be able to raise a daughter as well as my sons.
I am so glad that God is in charge of those things like determining the gender of our children. He knew just what we would need and when. Tonight I am reveling in the joy my sweet little pig tailed daughter brings to my life. Praying for another sweet little girl to be able to join her sister and I in pigtails in the future...


Ebe said... guys are so cute! I love it! I just got so so so very excited to have a sweet little girl in my house soon!

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