Thursday, November 5, 2009


Have I told you how much I love Walgreens? I just had to show you all that I got yesterday for $20... I also got $10 in Register Rewards to use as cash next time I shop there. So basically I got all the above for $10. My bill to start off with was $95. Now who in their right mind would pay $95? certainly not me, but I will pay $10 for it:)

I got:

4 BIG bags of Halloween candy

4 Mascaras

1 pack of gum

1 box of peanut brittle

1 box of mints

2 Theraflus

1 body was

2 deodorants

2 cans mandarin oranges

1 24 pack of bottled water

2 cans of baby formula (I couldn't resist for $1.49 a can... they are usually $15 a piece. If we don't get that baby we are hoping to adopt, I can always donate it to someone for that price)

Just thought I would share... no actually I had to share... the older boys keep telling me that I need to post a picture of our coupon shopping... in fact tonight before bed Louis said, "Mom, thanks for being the best mom, and thanks for saving us all of that money." I thought that was pretty humorous. I am surprised they even care really. But really they love to cut the coupons and do the shopping with me. I am thankful for their help.
We head out tomorrow bright and early for Louisiana for the chili cook off that Ryane is having to raise money for Shaohannah's hope... in memory of Samuel. Just the kids and I are going... I will post pictures when we get back... we are so touched that she would do this all in memory of our sweet boy. His life is making a difference in the lives of some orphans... that makes me so happy.

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Tonya said...

You go girl!!! What a deal!!!

It amazes me, too, how much my girls love to save money. FUN! Have a fun and safe trip! What a blessing...I can't wait to hear all about it!