Monday, March 9, 2009





So we are still up north enjoying time with family. It has been wonderful. We had a gorgeous snowstorm yesterday. The flakes were literally like an inch in diameter. They looked like cotton balls falling from the sky. It was beautiful, I am so glad we were able to be up here for at least a little bit of snow. This northern girl misses Winter. I know some may think that is crazy but when you grow up snowmobiling, snow skiing and just plain enjoying the snow... you miss it when you don't get the chance to play in it. One of my favorite winter quotes that is on a wall display at a army surplus store up here is ..."The is no such thing as bad weather... just inappropriate clothing." I love it... so true.
So the kids are enjoying time with their grandparents and cousins. And I am enjoying time with my parents and siblings... and wives. Tonight we had dinner with old neighbors from around the lake, lots of smiles. Both of these couples are a part of the small group bible study that we used to go to when we lived here. Today I went to the Y with my sister-in-law Jane to work out. I was blessed to see an old friend from our old church there. I literally saw her down in the gym from upstairs on the track. I ran her was so nice to see her... so nice to get a warm hug from her (Hi Connie:) she took the time a couple of months back to write me a beautiful letter that really encouraged me. I had to apologize that I never wrote back. I have been meaning to. The old Sara loved to write to people... I still want to love it. I actually enjoy writing Thank you notes or notes of encouragement to people. That is one thing that I am so sad to say has changed since Samuel died. I just can't seem to get motivated to sit down and do it like I used to. So much about me has changed. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself. I know I am forever different because of Samuel and my immense love for that sweet boy... but will parts of me return to be like I used to be? I know it sounds strange, but it is just another weird reality of life after a loss.
So we think we will be leaving Wednesday... that is still up for debate. The kids want to stay longer... part of me would too. The 12 hour drive back won't be bad, the kids are great travelers. Seeing Greg will be great. Being 12 hours away from family... now that will be rough I am sure. I don't even like thinking about that... so for now I won't. I keep encouraging visitors... I am still trying to find some really fun things to do near us... any ideas anyone? I am not trying to slam OK... but it just doesn't seem to be the destination vacation spot for most people. I would love any ideas:)

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Katie said...

Hey Sara, I was back reading, and there is the neatest little old historical kind of museum near Grove, which is about an hour away called Harbor Village. I think there is a charge per person now to go I'll try to figure how much and send it to you. It's a really neat day trip, they have lots of little town setting and stuff from the turn of the century (from old dolls, to kitchen equipment to farm equipment). I've been wanting to take Neil and Brooklynn, maybe we could all make a trip there sometime?


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