Saturday, March 14, 2009


Every since Samuel died I have been wanting a necklace to represent him. I just want something hanging close to my heart that makes me feel close to him in some way... probably sounds strange to some. It is funny the things that make me feel close to him. Greg and I have our "Samuel" blanket that our seminary friends sent to us, laying on our bed. Every night I snuggle up to Greg, under that blanket and it makes me somehow feel wrapped up in the love that I have for Samuel as his mother... it makes me feel close to him.

So I considered a necklace with his footprint on it, that the funeral home offered us. I thought about a birthstone necklace and other things... and then I found the perfect thing for me. Greg had said that whatever I found could be my Christmas present... I just needed to pick it out. I love taking pictures of my kids so I decided to have a necklace made by Shawna at Her prices were so good, compared to other photo jewelry sites that I have seen, that I decided to have a bracelet made also. She did a beautiful job and I absolutely love both pieces. All of the photos and charms are doubled sided. They are exactly what I wanted, and I love that I can have a little bit of Samuel close to me.

Today we went out to a members farm... they were sharing some of their recently slaughtered cow with us...they shared tons with us. We were just going to stop by and pick it up but we ended up staying for hours and had dinner with them. She is an amazing cook. They live out further in the country and have tons of chickens, cows, and bunnies. The kids were begging for a bunny. We will have to see on that one. Anna and Jo just sat and held them forever. It was pretty precious. They are going to set us up with eggs and an incubator to hatch chickens. The kids are so excited about that. It felt so good to be there. It was refreshing for me... I love that kind of life. The kids were kept so busy with the animals and the land... the fun and freedom of the country. It just seems slower paced to me and I love that.


Samantha said...

Hey friend!
I am sooo happy for you Sara! I love your pieces! So glad that you have something of Samuel to keep close to your Mother's heart. Enjoy friend. How great to go out to the farm. I always feel that way too when I'm driving in the country out here. Life is slower. I love that too. Keeping you close to heart and prayer always! Love you friend, Sam

Beth said...

They are beautiful. What precious pieces. And I'm so glad you were able to have that time with the family out there - I'm sure a little retreat for you. Way to keep up the incubating in the family. I've thought we will hopefully have to do that down the road. Keep me posted. Sounds like a soul rejuvinating day. I'm happy for you. Love You!

Ryane said...

I LOVE THEM!! How perfect, I know you have been looking for a while, I think you picked the most perfect ones! Cant wait to see them in real life! Maybe we will get to OK in 9 wks on my next vacation:) This one was not at all what we had planned...but we are enjoying time in Spring.
Love and miss ya!

Ryane said...

I just heard the While Im Waiting song on your blog, I must not be listening while reading usually. I absolutely LOVE the lyrics...WOW! That you can even listen and or sing it. Sara, your strength is amazing. I see more and more that God has such a purpose for all of this are such a strong witness to his love and in the future to His grace, healing and peace! Praying for you right now at this moment!

Anonymous said...

It was an honor to make these pieces for you! All 5 of your kids are beautiful!

I should have told you I could have put his footprint on one side of the pendant too.. darn it! I didn't even think of that.

Oh well, they turned out great regardless.. I hope you are getting a much needed breathe of fresh air out on the farm