Monday, December 21, 2015

On the road again

We start our road trip out with a beautiful Illinois sunset... 

The kids were so thankful for the group Christmas present from grandparents of a car DVD player and headphones... So were mom and dad... a much quieter ride and less potty stops:):)

A super quick stop in OK... literally we pulled in at 2 am... visited for a bit, jumped in bed, had a delicious breakfast with friends, visited a bit more, and hit the road for AZ!!!

We were sent on the road with the newly anticipated member of the crew on the back window... Yoda for now... baby girl coming soon!

Late night potty and drink stops:)

Finally asleep at the hotel... night 2 on the road!

AZ sunrise... It was beautiful... unfortunately in the opposite direction it was dark and cloudy... We hit a lot of snow and fog up on the rim... It was almost a white out for a bit... and we are not new to snow... While we don't mind driving in snow, we know our van drives terrible in snow especially on the mountain passes... Praise God it cleared up pretty quickly!  And we made it to our destination earlier today! We are so thankful for God's protection!

We spent the afternoon celebrating our birth mom's older daughter's birthday.  We were then able to take our birthmom to eat dinner.  It was great for Greg and I to spend some time with just her... We were so thankful for the opportunity to get to know even more about her. We know this will be important to our daughter down the road!:)

And now we wait again... Induction scheduled for the 23rd early in the morning!  She could still go before that... We shall see!  God knows the perfect timing in all things!

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Jska said...

So excited for you all. Praying for special family time and the safe arrival of your precious little girl. Happy Christmas too! X