Thursday, December 17, 2015

Keeping busy!

T -minus 2 days till we hit the road...
T- minus 6 days till induction... So the 21st turned into the 23rd for induction.  The hospital was booked.   They have her on a wait list for the 21st, so there is a chance baby girl could arrive earlier than the 23rd:)  God willing!

So our birth mom will be induced at 4am on the 23rd and Greg leaves at 2am on the 24th to head home for the 4 Christmas Eve services.  He has to sign papers in AZ after the baby is born.  Please pray with us that she will go fast enough to allow that to happen.  Her last labor was 2 hours... She is 4cm and 80% effaced so it seems like this would be able to work out.  Right now we don't know if he will come back out at all.  We will see... At this point we are taking it one day at a time:) We will see what tomorrow holds... maybe a baby:):)

Oh my goodness the amount of things to do is a bit overwhelming if I think about it, but I know God will provide the time or multiply my time to make it all happen!

Isaiah is not so sure what to think about all this crazy commotion going on!  

The kids at the Birthday Party for Jesus... Isaiah wouldn't take his Olaf hat off to save his life... so funny!

My view out my front window one night at sunset.  It was 59 degrees here today... Crazy weather we are having.  There won't be a white Christmas that is for sure:)

My little rascal after face painting at the Birthday Party for Jesus!  Those eyes!!!

The generosity of our St. Peter family.  God is overflowing with grace to cover us each day... just like the Giving Tree Presents are overflowing!

So we wait... The baby we thought could easily arrive 2+ weeks ago seems pretty content in that warm womb... We prepare... we pack... we clean... We plan for subs... Getting all set for sweet baby girl!

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Lara said...

Infertility, adoption, etc. has granted me a new and deeper perspective on Advent as a season of waiting. Keeping you in my prayers.