Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mission to Haiti!

So last week amidst the company visiting my G hopped on a plane for Haiti...

Internet access has been sketchy, phone conversation brief and easily lost, but I am so thankful for the few minutes of phone conversation with G, and for Jeff, a friend also along on the trip who has updated Facebook:). Yay for just being able to see G's face.... and it doesn't hurt to see a precious little pumpkin like this one pictured below, in his arms... Isn't she a doll??

The whole Haiti team... Three members from St. Peter along with some others from Palatine and Normal Illinois:).  The kids and I, on the road to Houston, were just praying a little bit ago for God to do a mighty work in and through them all as they serve the people of Haiti!!

Here is G hanging out in a rural village with some of the locals... No foreigners/white folk had ever been to their village... How amazing is that? 

I know that besides the main missions of the team, that our St. Peter crew was hoping to make some connections and start to build relationships for further service in the future...

I have been praying for The Lord to clearly direct their steps to the place He may have for Our church to connect... 

And where there is a great need... Personally I can't help but hope there is some sort of orphanage connection:) 

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