Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another blessed 50th:)

Greg's Parents before the big party to celebrate 50 years of marriage:)

The whole Hintz side of the family minus Meaghan who is serving up at camp... We missed her:)

Jojo feeding his sweet little cousin Emerson... Oh she is a little dolly... we all wanted to eat her up!:)

Hopie and Emerson's big sister Payton nursing their injuries... 2 peas in a pod those 2:)

All the extended family cousins... It was a real treat to get to visit with some of Greg's cousins that we hadn't seen in years... Being quite a distance from each other and even though the visit is shorter than we had hoped... special memories were made...

Love this girl... my precious friend Ryane... I am so thankful for the gift that God has given me in her and the friendship we share...

The boys with great granny... doesn't she look great for 90??:)

What a blessing to be able to celebrate another marriage of 50 years... Seriously, I don't think all that many people have both parents celebrating 50 years of marriage at all... let alone in the same year.  

We feel so blessed that they both stuck it out in the touch/difficult times and honored the gift of marriage by sticking with it. What an example for Greg and I, our kids and so many others. 

We were so thankful that Greg safely arrived from Haiti yesterday and that the kids and I safely arrived from the long drive down to be able to be a part of such a special day for Greg's parents. 

Baby Emerson's baptism tomorrow and we hit the road for home.... too short of a visit... too long of a drive:(

Great food, great company, great reason for a celebration... So thankful to our great God!

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