Monday, June 2, 2014

Bits and pieces... gearing up for summer:)

Hopie and Anna on after Hope's preschool program night:)
She is growing up so fast... next year off to St. Peter for kindergarten:)  She is super excited:)

Jojo has become a bird tamer...  He fell in love with this crazy bird he found outside and was holding and taking care of all night... It even slept in our mudroom He was so sad to let it go the next day. All the following day he was watching it , trying to teach it to fly:) (and another bird) holding them, letting them perch on his finger... It was strange how tame these birds were...  So it is looking like there will be some pushing for a pet to join the family in the near future:)

Anna and I discovered Cute girl hairstyles on you tube... Wow, they can explain some really cool braids in a very easy manner.  So that has been fun to spend some evenings trying out some new hairstyles... This was a zipper braid... so pretty, and not really all that difficult.

The hanging bed is out for summer:)    I still am amazed and thankful for Caleb's quick and wonderful handiwork to make that last summer:) I absolutely love being out in the perfect weather we have been having lately...

The garden is planted (almost completely, thanks to our kind, neighbor and head pastor :) Wahoo!!!

Let the summer lounging begin:)

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Becky said...

Woo Hoo! Summer sounds fun for the Hintz crew!! I'm covering you in prayer tonight dear friend, I wish I could be there for the inaugural MEND meeting. The pictures of the kids are so precious, they are growing like crazy! And Jojo's bird story is HILARIOUS!! How can Hope be old enough for kindergarten? Enjoy your summer days, let me know if you find a way to slow it down ;) Love you guys!