Sunday, June 15, 2014


This beautiful couple, my parents, celebrated 
50 years of marriage
this past weekend.  

What an amazing testimony of the faithfulness of God in their lives
and their faithfulness to each other. 

Every single one in our immediate family was able to travel to Wisconsin to celebrate my parents commitment to each other. Even my niece Hannah, who rarely gets off from her horse training job in Texas,  flew in as a surprise.... both as a surprise to grandma and grandpa as well as for her dad's (my brother Mark's) birthday (who happened to be born on my parents first anniversary)... 
What a first anniversary gift hey?

We were TOTALLY BLESSED with a beautiful day to spend together with family and lots of friends.  

I loved hearing the stories that people shared about their time with my parents over the years... (Lots of laughing was going down!!)

One thing that stuck out to me was how gracious and welcoming my parents are... so many said that they had felt welcomed into our family over the years at different points in their lives. 

And that is so true, our friends are family to us... and so many of my parents friends are like family to me... I love those friends and I love the example of gracious hospitality I have been given by my parents... 

Another high light of the day for me was a time of worship that we had together... We happened to sing a song we had at Samuel's memorial service... (I couldn't help but think of what it would have been like with him there with us.) The room was FULL of singers:)    It did my heart good to hear the praises being lifted to our Father in boldness and joy... 

It was a great day of remembering the 50 years of love and commitment.  I was so thankful for all my siblings who worked together to make it happen.  It was a fun day:)

What a gift to clearly see His Faithfulness to my parents being proclaimed and remembered all day yesterday:)

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