Monday, November 4, 2013

Beans and rice ...2 weeks down:)

Day 1... eating with our hands like most kids in third world countries...

The aftermath with out Hopie girl... Wow... that was a mess... only ate with our hands on Day 1:)
Honestly, the beans and rice challenge for the month has been going much better than I expected...
I don't think I have heard a single complaint... (my kids aren't big complainers... but the fact that I haven't heard one yet... kind of shocking:)
The few things I have heard...
From Hope... I want to have beans and rice for my birthday meal.
From JoJo... Can we do beans and rice for lunch everyday?
Day 1... the older boys were saying... For a real challenge we should do beans and rice for every meal for a month... (to which I replied... I think we need a little more balanced meals...)
Then they said maybe we should do eggs for every breakfast and beans and rice for every lunch for a month... (then my wheels were turning... we might need to step it up next year:)
We will see how they feel another 2 weeks from now...
I could not help but post a picture of sweet Isaiah... eating apples:) 
Be still my heart... those BIG brown eyes!
What a sweet gift... every one of them:)

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Anonymous said...

I will get on Alicia's blog and read it... thanks for sharing. Just reading your perspective of it, gives me pause. Thank you! love you!