Monday, September 9, 2013

There God goes again...knocking our socks off...:)

When I think of our last 3 months since moving... the best way I can describe it is to say that the Lord has knocked my socks off...

As tired as I am from days and weeks of unpacking and organizing... the faithfulness of God has carried us through the exhausting and at times somewhat trying times of the last few months... moving can be stressful!

Although some of the blessings that shine through may seem small to some, they are like little nuggets of sweetness from God to our family...

We moved from the country, to the big city... God so graciously allowed our home on campus, in the middle of a very busy city to back right up to 4 acres of soccer fields and beyond that the woods... and beyond that, a beautiful golf course... We are tucked right back, almost hidden and it literally is like country right in the city... With every single convenience within a few minutes drive... It is crazy!

Back in Oklahoma, our older 2 boys worked for a retired marine in our neighborhood... It was SO CONVENIENT.  They were a great couple to work for, totally flexible, trustworthy and  so sweet to our whole family!  The boys could just walk over when he needed them.  It was the perfect scenario, and honestly, I was worried about where the boys would be able to find a job... in a safe environment, close by.  Well leave it to God to immediately upon our arrival provide another perfect job for the boys.  They worked maintenance, outdoor grounds crew, all summer.  I was so thankful that they had a reason to get up, out of bed, and out the door before 8, to run across the parking lot to their new job.  They were flexible with our vacations and the boys loved it! Caleb has continued to work for the head of maintenance here and Louis surprisingly got a job for the after school program each day.  I love that they are in a safe place and learning from someone besides us that their hard work will be rewarded... It has been great!

We are so grateful for the people that Greg has the opportunity to work with.  We have so much respect for the pastor that Greg is under.  You can not help but be on board with him.  He is encouraging, humble, "the real deal", has great leadership qualities, is passionate about sharing Jesus with those inside our church doors as well as beyond, and as neighbors totally put up with the craziness that our family adds to the church neighborhood.  They are a precious family!

 We have loved working with the fellow staff members here... They did a great job getting the house ready for us and making it really feel like home for us.  This is probably not the easiest task for a family of 9... but we love it and for the most part it really suits us (which also isn't always the easiest to do for larger family!  It actually is very much like the home I grew up in... and it feels like home.  God graciously allowed this new city and home to feel like home so quickly... only God could do that and it is a precious gift!

There have been the sweetest of moments... last week as the Septemberfest in town was wrapping up with fireworks, we literally walked to the next door neighbor's house, the head pastor's house, threw down blankets and got the BEST show ever.  It almost felt like our very own private fireworks display... All the kids were loving it!  Amazing!

Just tonight, we had a neighbor, whom I had never met, walk over with 3 bags of clothes for Anna... In Oklahoma, we had a neighbor gal with a daughter older than anna... she was always so gracious in sharing with Anna... well tonight, another need provided for... beautiful clothes for Anna... it was like Christmas for her... and since I have such tiny feet... I gained a couple pairs of adorable shoes till anna can grow into them:)  What a gift!

I could go on and on with other things that the Lord has done for us here.  I know these things may seem so small, yet they are all ways the Lord has shown his faithfulness to provide for us in times of uncertainty as we moved this big crew of our 12 hours to a new home...

God knows so much more so than us what we need... and He has blown us away! Not only does He provide for our needs but he goes above and beyond to providing for so so many of our desires in this new place!  He is so good! We do miss our friends in Oklahoma dearly!  Trust me there are hard moments for sure... for all of us... We had some precious friends who walked through such hard times with us and were so faithful to support us in the years that followed!  But we are so excited to be here, grow here, serve here and see all that God has in store for us in this place!

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