Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finally.... house projects...

Ahhhh... we finally have towel hangers in the kids bathroom... Awesome!  (Thank you to Greg for getting the job done!)
We need to cover the screw holes... but that will come... We are just thankful to get all those towels off the floor!:) 
We finally have a mud room that is in order... quite possibly my favorite room of the house.  I know that sounds absolutely crazy... but as a mom to 7 children here living with us in this house, a place to hang up ALL of those jackets and put all of those shoes gives my heart peace... No more tripping over a million shoes by the front door:):)
I know that the snow, slush, boots, snowpants, and mittens are just around the corner and I will be EVEN MORE thankful for this room.  I had so many extra pictures of the kids that I wanted to hang somewhere, so to put them in the mud room was perfect... It totally warms it up and makes it feel like home:) 
I am so thankful to have extra storage space in the mudroom.  Our kitchen is a little smaller and doesn't have nearly the cabinets we had before so we keep some of the "extra" things that we don't use very often  in the mudroom... I found all the containers at IKEA and on summer clearance at Walmart... Yay!

Sometimes it is the little things:):)  As the mama of the house... when things are in order, my mind is so much more at peace!  We are getting there... I think I have about 3 more projects that I need to get to to feel "REALLY" settled... but who am I kidding... I always have at least 3 projects that need to get taken care of ... so I guess this should feel normal:)