Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring break coming to an end....booo!!!

Some mom and dad cuddle time with Isaiah:)

Some wanted and not so wanted cuddle time between Anna and Jojo:) 
They were having "one" of those mornings where they just seemed to be getting on each others nerves... this did the trick... they were laughing and having fun with each other in no time at all:)
Even though we didn't really fully take off of school this past week... we did lighten the load a bit and it was NICE for all of us!!
The boys had a work camp at church where they did various things to serve people in the community in some way.  One day they painted a ladies house and did some landscaping for her.  They made it on the 5 and 9 Fox news.  Louis was actually interviewed... it was really neat.  They are a great group of kids:)
This week it is back to the grind with school and onto some much needed jobs and Spring cleaning type projects around the house... It is a bit daunting and overwhelming... But I am hoping with everyone pitching in it won't be too bad:)
I love Holy Week... I am hoping to make it come alive for the kids this week... my plan at this point it to make some snack bags with some scripture and little note cards put in them to deliver to some homeless people around town.  The kids and I hope to do that on Thursday.  I want to show them a little here and now example of Jesus being a servant and washing the disciples feet... How can we serve someone in our community.
I have one homeless guy that I am going to try to get invited to church on Easter Sunday.  We pass him every Tuesday on the way to our home school coop.  Whether or not this will be feasible I am not sure.  He is usually in the same spot so we will see if either myself or Greg can catch him to invite him to Easter service...  Or it would be cool to deliver Easter Breakfast to him... We will see how it all pans out. 
I feel like life is moving in High speed... so much on the front burn in our minds.
This week is super busy at church with Church tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then Easter Sunday.  We are usually so blessed to be invited by friends for Easter lunch.  It is such a treat after a busy week to just hang out and celebrate with special friends... It is like a gift from them to us!:)  We are looking forward to it. 
Remember that amazing gal I mentioned a few weeks ago that walked into our church clear out of the blue.  Well, she has grown to be a precious friend.  It is amazing the crazy similar circumstances in our lives or randomly where we have lived... She has been a total sweetheart to help with my kids on Sunday mornings, along with other faithful friend helpers:):)  I am super excited that she and her 2 kids will be getting baptized this coming Saturday at our Easter vigil service.  
She has this desire to grow and learn that is sooooo inspiring... I love seeing it!  It is such an encouragement to me:) 
Thanking God for so many sweet things in these busy days...


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Tesha said...

That us a great lesson idea for Easter. We have lots of homeless here in La and it is easy to become calloused and look the other way I am going to try to do this also!:) We are going to family for Easter also it will be nice to just show up with a dish after a busy service. Love the cuddle pictures soooo sweet:)