Monday, March 25, 2013

Levi declares...

   Levi declares, "Easter Week just got a little... 
(Funny thing about that is that Levi really doesn't declare much yet... that sweet little guy will be so much less frustrated when he can talk:):)  But if he could talk that is what he would be saying right now!!!
Yesterday in church it was announced that Greg has received a call to serve as an associate pastor at  another church in Illinois...
Now the praying begins... We plan to take the whole crew up there in a couple of weeks to see what it is like.  We wanted them to be able to check it out... especially the older kids.
Moving is never easy... In fact... my heart starts pumping just thinking about the possibility... But we want the kids to know that their thoughts and feelings are being considered as well! 
So we are praying that the Lord makes it ABUNDANTLY clear to us where He desires us to be.  We TOTALLY want His will to be done in our lives and we want to be used by Him in the way He best desires...
We plan to make a decision in a couple weeks or so... We would love your prayers as well if you think of us...
 Prayers for Greg to manage all the extra things he has to do this week with extra services and considering and praying over this new call and his call here... Prayers that Satan would keep his sneaky claws away... (I can feel the added stress in the way the kids are interacting... whew... Hopie had one heck of a day at preschool:):) ... And prayers for our kids, that the Lord would impress upon their hearts a real desire to be as a family where God desires us to be... Thanks so much friends!


Tesha said...

Praying for this important decision my friend!

Ebe said...

Yay! Wonderful!! We'll be so close!! Where in Illinois? We're about an hour or so from the border...

SO excited for your family!

love you!

Ella Neumann said...

What a little munchkin! Tell him his cousin Ella missed him. :) Praying for you all as you make this important decsion, and that the Lords will be done! Though we would of course LOVE to have you all closer to us. ;)

Tesha Papik said...

wanted to make sure you got this and updated to the right place. I would miss you so much:)

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