Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jojo Says...

It was pretty funny the amount of time the 3 boys spent taking crazy pictures with Jojo, bubbles and balls:)  In the end they got some pretty good ones:)
The house is much quieter than normal and I can't tell you how strange it is to not have the older 2 boys home.  They are at the teen work in with their youth group for the next couple of days. 
It was pretty neat, fox news came and video taped them painting and landscaping for an elderly couple today and they interviewed Louis.  He honestly didn't even seem nervous... I was pretty proud of him...
I love that they are getting the opportunity to serve... but I miss them being here:)
There is so much going on here right now... we are super excited to hopefully finalize Isaiah's adoption in the next 6 weeks or so:) Yay God!! We are super thankful and really happy it has gone so smoothly:) bsp;
We are trying to stay the task on school and soccer is keeping the older 3 busy!:) 
Here is a typical Hope story for the record... so last night... clear out of the blue she wakes up in the middle of the night and throws up... thankfully she totally made it to the bathroom... It sort of seemed like a fluke thing... not something that was going to be reoccuring all night just by the way she was acting... And I was right... a single episode of getting sick:) Thank God!
Well today, I kept her away from the other kids in my room... I brought her some books to look at and videos to watch.  I could tell she was feeling pretty much normal and I should have known... She colored all over her legs and she got into the feminine hygiene products... Interesting for sure:):) Let me tell you... if she has a moment to herself, sick or not... she is curious and will come up with some craziness! Gotta love her!:) She totally keeps me on my toes!:) I would so appreciate prayers for a friend who will be induced tomorrow with another son after losing her first child around 5 years ago... (In the mean time they were blessed to adopt 2 boys:) Please pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Pray that the Lord gives her great peace and a beautiful day meeting her new little boy...I know how easy it is to be fearful after you have lost a baby at the very end of pregnancy... you don't ever really feel safe until that baby is screaming in your arms. Thanks so much for praying for my friend and her baby boy:) Much love!  

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