Friday, March 8, 2013


A few weeks back while we were having lunch at a friends, we asked their daughter Carlotta to take some impromptu pictures of the family... Our first family photo of our family of 9 (here on earth).  She did a great job considering none of us were at all prepared... I can't wait to have her actually take some this Spring at a park in town... she is a great photographer:) 
I was just happy to get a few "keepers"  and some fun ones too... I have to totally laugh, the funny pictures actually always capture each family member almost to a tee... Good times...

Crazy but great week this past week with my 2 nieces and 2 nephews staying with us for 5 days... I tell you getting 11 kids out the door to church and our home school coop was CUH...RAZY!  I am not cut out for early mornings out the door... We did it but it wasn't exactly calm or beautiful:)  We had some good laughs:)

My sister moved from Boston to a much closer location just 6 hours away from us.  I was sooooo blessed to have her help Greg while we were in Uganda (as well as my in-laws:).  My mind was completely at ease. So I was happy and thankful to be able to return the favor and get a chance to spend some time with my sweet nieces and nephews before the next member of their family arrives.

 It is such a blessing and treat for me to have them so much closer.  My sister is due with her 5th baby in 6 short weeks and it will be the first time that I can go spend a little time with her after the baby comes...  I am so excited!  We realized that while we have both spent time with each others kids, we hadn't seen each other in 7 months... that was too long... She drove down yesterday to pick up the kids, but we were able to spend a quick but really nice night visiting.  I missed her... family is such a gift!

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Tesha said...

Love the funny one, sooo cute. What a blessing to have your sister closer now! Your right family is such a gift.