Friday, February 1, 2013

Redeemer House

We are home safe and sound... So very thankful for that... I will post soon about all my thoughts and feelings as we have returned to the US... I miss Uganda... my sweeties there... our friends there... God is so faithful to grant us safe travel during the 31 hours it took to get home:):) 

I have loads more to post about our time there, especially about the baby home we worked at most days in Kampala:)

Here is a post I had mostly finished but didn't post while we were still in Jinga:)...

Another beautiful day in Jinga. I can't believe that tomorrow night at this time we will be boarding our plane for home... I have a feeling the travel home will be harder than the coming here...

Today we spent a beautiful day with Kathy and the kids at Redeemer house... Wow!!!! Neat place!! It is clean and really homey feeling. Right now I think they only have 13 orphans living there. They have had many go home to forever families:):). Yay God!! They will get more kids but are I the process of getting ready to move so they are sort of waiting a bit to get more.

The kids sang for us (precious:). We face painted... They painted our toenails:) we played ball, read to them, and really just hung out with them. It feels like home there... And I love that for those kids. Kathy is an older gal who felt called just a few years ago to start this orphanage. I love love love seeing these people young and old answering and obeying the call of the Father.

We learned so much from her. I was asking her all sorts of things about life, living here and her ministry. She is an amazing woman and a wealth of information... They fed us lunch which was so sweet. The rest of our team brought her all sorts of donations. It was awesome!! I know they will be a huge blessing to the kids there:)

Even with all of the amazing people doing great work here... The need is still huge!!! There are over 10,000 street kids in Uganda. A huge number of kids orphaned by aids, more than any other nation. The numbers and issues are staggering... I am so thankful for the people willing to go when God calls, but there is still so much work yet to do.

By the way...

Isn't that the most beautiful baby you have ever seen below??? Oh my yumminess!!!

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