Saturday, November 19, 2011


 Most of the Hintz kids with the King kids:)
 Tami and I and the babies... (This is Tami's 2nd set of twins:)
 Hope, Levi and Jonathon... are they funny or what??
 Rebecca and I...
My sweet college roommate Sam and my sister in law Katy...

This has been the nicest vacation... I literally could see Greg unwinding and relaxing immediately... it took no time at all.  He and the boys left 2 days ago to go hunting with all the men... We sent them off with the command to bring home food for the winter:)  We will see.  I didn't hear anything from the hunters all day, although I know that they get terrible cell reception at the farm so who knows...

Yesterday and today were super busy.  I got to spend some time with my sweet friend Tami from the seminary (she was my running partner my first year in St. Louis)  and her 7 kids... oh my goodness, the kids got along great, and believe it or not Tami and I got a lot of catching up in:)  The kids didn't really remember each other since we hadn't seen them in 4 years and they were almost all too little then. Levi was totally enamored with the other babies.  He was totally taken by them... lots of staring done by Levi...:)  It was such a sweet time to visit over a BIG glass of chai tea and homemade waffles.  There are very few people that can relate to the experience of seminary living with a family... so it was such a treat to share time together.  We are planning on meeting them for church tomorrow morning:)

From there we went to visit "Grandma Karen" my mom's dear friend.  She just had a hip replacement done about 6 weeks ago.  The kids couldn't stop raving about her yummy craisin butterscotch chip cookies. 

Then today I was able to see my longest lifetime friend Rebecca.  We were talking and came to the conclusion that we don't think we have known any friend longer.  We grew up at the same church and I don't ever remember a time not knowing her:)  While at lunch... I got a total bonus treat... my sweet friend Connie, from our old church walked in.  (Connie, you are so sweet to always be so kind and forgive me for all my craziness and my lack of getting notes and emails out to you...  It was SO SO nice to see you!!:)

Then later in the day my college roommate Samantha was able to stop by with her kids. Another wonderful visit.   We headed over to my sister in law's who lived just across the yard for mochas:)  Oh my, I am going to pack on a few during this trip... (seeing as how I just put down the spoon from my apple crisp at midnight... aiy yi yi:)

What is it about HOME?  
The chill in the air, gray skies, leaves falling... it all just makes me feel at home.  It is amazing how you can drive up and just feel that sense of peace and calm wash over you.  I love Wisconsin... It is home... I could live anywhere and be happy and make the absolute most of it... but I am a northern girl at heart:)  The kids and I were sad that we probably won't see snow up here... the boots were packed:)  Oh well, really it has been such a blessing to have time with family and friends, to just relax and visit.  And I am so happy that my hubby and the boys were able to have some time away together and with the other guys in the family... those are treasured memories too:)  

So thankful tonight for the chance to come home and for family and friends! 


Anonymous said...

My heart is bursting with joy for you right now! Relax and enjoy your friends and family! love maryandhris

Anonymous said...

hi sara....well, it was even nicer seeing you - what a aurprise!!

loved hearing about your visit home surrounded with family and friends. great memories!

hope greg and the boys were successful. david got a deer saturday morning - first one in a LONG time. plus will was along for the first time, making it even more special.

safe travels back to OK!

Becky said...

Looks like a TON of fun, glad you were able to get back safely!! Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving! Love from the Boggs Bunch