Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Birthday bugs:)

Oh to be with family... :)

The 2 little girlies above, Anna and her cousin Sophie, were born 12 days apart.  They love to celebrate their birthdays together.  So today was the day... It is so fun that their aunts and grandma and grandpa love to buy them matching outfits.  They got beautiful Christmas dresses, and the sweaters they were wearing above.  My sister in law treated them to get their nails painted together and we had a great party with the family tonight.  What a fun, but beautifully relaxing night... I can literally see my hubby unwinding before my eyes! I love it!  He was really needing this time.  The last time he had vacation he literally spent every day but one flat on his back in bed sick with pneumonia... so this is so good for him. 

The men will head out to the farm soon to go hunting... We are hoping that G comes back with lots to stock the freezer with this winter. I am doing some school with the kids and look forward to hopefully catching up with some friends. It is always a whirlwind though in many ways.... not enough time to see everyone.  G and I hope to take the kids to the college where we met next week sometime.

The funeral on the way up was hard.  My heart just breaks when I see someone whom I know will be missing their loved one soooooo deeply in the coming months.  I can't help but realize the obvious that the holidays are right around the corner.  I know there is great rejoicing that Matt is no longer suffering in this life, yet we are human, we will miss those we love.  I appreciated the pastor that spoke to that point exactly.  I was also so encouraged by the testimony to the humbleness of this man.  We heard over and over again that he didn't want the funeral to be about him, but about his Savior and the saving power of Jesus.  It was refreshing.  The funeral was beautiful.  The music was so special.  It was just beautiful, but so sad and hard at the same time.  Please continue to pray for them if you think of it.

I got to talk with another friend of mine from sem who has lost 2 children in recent years and it was so sweet just to visit with her.  I loved how she said she feels like she is living with one foot here on earth and the other in Heaven.  That is one of the sweetest things I find as a result of losing Samuel is that I long for Heaven in a different way then I ever did before; partially because he is there and that will be when I can see him again.  Of course I long to see my savior face to face... but I also find myself longing for the day when the sorrows of this life and world will be no more... I am so thankful for this beautiful life the Lord has given me... but I long for my Heavenly home at the same time:)

It isn't a scary or bad thing, but a good thing:)

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Anonymous said...

Hope this is a great trip for all of you! We leave for St. Louis next Wed night, by train! We are taking Amtrack and the kids are super excited. We are only there for 36 hours but we will be there! My parent's 45th Anniversary is on Thanksgiving Day! Love you all, chris and mary