Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enjoying time together:)

 Jojo and his cousin Grace
 Levi with Grandpa Neumann
 Our sweet friend Grandma Karen with some of the kids
 Anna and jojo in their jammies after putting out deer corn :)
Jojo and Anna trying for some squirrel:)

I am laughing... as I type this I can hear my sweet hubby snoring into the baby monitor upstairs... funny, he claims he doesn't snore:) 

The past few days have been busy with seeing more friends and family.  We had a turkey dinner tonight with my 2 brother's familys, ours, Grandma and Grandpa, and 2 of our old neighbors when we lived here at the lake.  After dinner we watched some old family videos that we had made for my dad's 50th and 60th birthdays... Oh my funny!

The boys came home and they all were shut out at deer camp... They usually try for the big ones...didn't see any of those...so on the last day, they decided they could take does, but then they didn't see any of those... Needless to say, my hubby has now been in the woods out back of my parents.  He and jojo did some hunting this afternoon together.  Jojo has been looking forward to it.  It was so funny, Hope today was sitting on the stool this morning watching daddy from the kitchen.  She could see him out there up in the tree in his blaze orange...

Speaking of little Hopie... she wrote her name the other day... I am wondering who taught her how to do that?  Man, she is smart... it was totally legible, especially for a 2 year old... I almost fell over. 

I can't believe that we will have to head home in 2 days... I am not ready to get back to real life...is that bad?  This has been such a relaxing trip.  Last time we were on vacation G had pneumonia and it wasn't a vacation for any of us... Part of vacation for me, is just having an extra set of hands available, besides just having time together.  We are getting all of that this time and it is wonderful.  Thank you Lord!!!

We plan to maybe get to head back to our old church tomorrow, go on a hike in the Kettle Morraine forest if it is warm enough, finish a little school for the boys, LAUNDRY, take the kids to visit the college where G and I met, and head over to my uncle's house for Thanksgiving... not to mention pack... It will be a busy next couple of days...

Ok...  now I can hear Anna or Jojo talking in their sleep through the baby monitor... guess it is time to go join the crew...:)

There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...God has been so gracious to us!

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