Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Tonight I had quite a scare...

Please know that I never share with you to share the "drama" part of life. Really I never felt like we had much drama in our life until the last couple of years. I only share so that you can know what is going on and so that you can pray.

I was on the monitor for the non stress test and I was contracting a fair amount again. They wouldn't let me eat and then kept me on the monitor. I continued to have them for about 2 1/2 hours and then the doc on call ordered an IV again and a shot of Terbutaline... just like the other night, to slow it all down.

Probably 40 minutes after that Levi's heart rate started to drop... I could hear that it was much slower... He will do that on occasion, but normally he will drop to about 105 at the lowest and pops back up in seconds... This was different. He dropped to the low 90's and then the nurse couldn't find him at all. He moves around a lot when they monitor me so we are constantly adjusting the belts to get him back on... that happens often, but it only takes a short while to get him back on.

Tonight the nurse tried for like a minute, left the room to get another nurse to try, she couldn't find it ANYWHERE.. I could see their concern and just said, "You know my history, please do whatever you need to do for the baby and don't waste any time." They started to sort of panic and pulled all the plugs and rushed me down to labor and delivery. When I got there, it had probably been at least 4 minutes since we heard his heartbeat. I was starting to PANIC...

The whole time I was alone, praying for God to protect Levi, and asking them to hurry, and not waste any time. When we got to the room it took them 3 minutes to finally locate his heart rate and make sure it wasn't mine. There were probably 7 nurses in the room rushing around. They pushed more fluids and monitored Levi and the contractions on the monitor until the Doc on call came in to see me. Levi's heart rate recovered great... Thank God!!

Well the doctor on call said he probably laid on his cord, but he was fine and he wasn't concerned at all. He basically said that maybe it slowed or they could not find it but that I paniced and that caused the nurses to panic. (The funny thing was that the nurse called Greg and a couple friends for me that live really close to the hospital and told them they couldn't locate the heart rate and they may have to do a quick C-section. I was so thankful to have my friends get here so that I wasn't alone. When I came back to my room, the nurses were as sweet as pie and she admitted that they were worried and that normally if they can't locate a baby right a way... it just takes a bit and that this was much longer than normal.

It just made me mad at the doctor that he was implying my worry was the problem.
(Honestly, before his slowed heartrate... I was chilling watching American Idol just as calm as can be. ) After the doctor left one of the nurses from Labor and Delivery came back in and was REALLY nice... God totally had her there. She said that many of the nurses had experienced losses in the past and I had done nothing wrong... Levi had done a little something, bad position, laying on his cord, whatever but that he had done that and was fine now. It turns out the nurse had lost a baby 3 days after birth 6 years ago and now has a 7 year old with Leukemia. She was incredibly nice and supportive. She validated all the fears and worries I had with Levi's heart rate dropping like that. She made all the difference in the world. Please pray for Karen's 7 year old son if you think of it.

So, I am back in my regular room for now... I would appreciate your prayers for my heart. I will admit that I totally lost it after they found his heart beat and after the doctor left and Greg had arrived. My emotions are high...

Really, I am at peace for the most part, but there is still concern in my heart for Levi. Please continue to pray for his protection... and pray that my visit with my doctor goes well tomorrow and that he wouldn't make me feel stupid for what happened tonight, but would validate my feelings as this little guys mama! Please pray too, thanking
God that Levi was safe and protected through that scary time tonight. Thankyou!


Kristin said...

Oh, Sara! I would have paniced too! I am so thankful that Levi is okay. Praying for both of you!

Anna said...

How horribly scary. So glad they did find his hb again.

And that you had such lovely nurses. That can make all the difference with a hospital bed rest stay.

Praying for you and Levi.

Ebe said...

Oh, Sara... my heart just dropped. I'm so sorry.
But SO thankful that Levi's okay and that you're okay too.
Just a few more weeks, Sara... God has got you safe in his hand. Levi is so safe too.

love you friend,

Samantha said...

Sara friend, wow. I would have reacted just the same. Praising God that Levi is okay. You are doing awesome friend. Hang in there. God holds you both. Much love and hugs to you. Praying everyday! Love you!!!

Carolina said...

Thinking of you and I am so glad Levi is good. Don't feel bad if the doctor thinks you overreacted- he's never been pregnant or knows the bond we have with our babies since they are conceived! He may not be able to understand the way another mother would, specially a mother whos lost a baby.

Praying for you and these next few weeks!

Christa said...
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Christa said...

How scary....I'm so glad that he is okay. Praying for you and Levi!

Z is for Ramble said...

Sara, I am SO glad Levi was safe. And Im also glad that the nurses there were willing to react pretty immediatly and not try to convince you that nothing was wrong without also preparing that something COULD have been wrong. I agree with the poster who said that the doctor has never carried a child and doesnt know what it might be like to lose one. (Although Ive never been pregnant either and I think its really easy to understand why you feel/react the way you do! Geeze!)

Also, does it make me pathetic if I started crying just from the 2-3 sentances you wrote about that nurse, karens losses? I will certainly be praying for Gods devine healing in her precious boys life!

Irene said...

Sara -- That was so scary! I'm glad that Levi's heartrate bounced right back to normal when they found it again!

I'm happy to hear that the nurses stepped right in with kindness and reassured you that you weren't at fault. You had every right (and reason) to be concerned!

Praying for a safe & blessed delivery!

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Praying....I am so sorry that you had to go through that scare with Levi's heartbeat!! Praying all is well today.

"You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord is everlasting strength." Isaiah 26:3,4

Praising God with you for the loving hands and hearts of the nurses He has placed around you.

Much love,

bristle family said...

Oh goodness Sara...I would have panicked too! I am so glad that Levi is ok. I am also thankful that you have such kind nurses that truly understand your situation.
Praying everyday!
Love you,