Thursday, February 3, 2011


Apparently... this is what the home front looks like...

I asked Lou to upload some pictures so I could see what it looked like back at home. I have a beautiful view of the parking structure and the helipad from my hospital window... Actually seeing the flight for life helicopters land there has been a highlight for the kids when they come to visit. (It is sad though to know that so many are in need of urgent care and healing when they come) This totally makes me mindful to pray for all the other people here)

It was really nice to see some pictures from home. I told him tonight though that I wanted to see some pictures of the kids tomorrow. I haven't seen them since Monday night and I miss them all like crazy... We are hoping that they can make it here either Saturday or Sunday. They have not left the neighborhood yet, but have been kept very busy by shoveling lots of walkways and driveways for our neighbors, a widow and a single mother. I think that they did get to our driveway today.

It was so nice, I got a surprise visit from our friends the Tiews on Tuesday just after the snow stopped falling. They walked here from their house about a 1/2 mile away... and then today the Fausts, our small group friends, came to play cards with me... It has been sort of a lonely week:( So both of those visits were extremely unexpected and a real treat.

I had another bpp done today on Levi. He didn't do as well as all of the other ones. He didn't do the string of practice breathing movements that they need him to do to get a perfect score. Apparently, that shows that the lungs are maturing. Our usual tech always says that at this age it can be hit or miss, because it is almost like they are so distracted by just moving around that they can forget to do the breathing movements. The doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about... but he scheduled me to go over to the medical building tomorrow to have another bpp done just to be on the safe side. The funny thing was that after I got back to my room, Levi had the hiccups for a few minutes and that would have shown up on the ultrasound as practice breathing movements...

So they will wheel me across the parking lot over there, sometime tomorrow. Greg was a little concerned because it is so cold out. I told him I was thrilled. It will be so nice to have a change of scenery and to breathe some fresh air (if you can call parking lot air fresh:) And of course I had to reinform him of my native northern roots... "THIS IS NOTHING BABE!"

So that will be the excitement for tomorrow:)

After the emotional weekend I had last weekend... I have had 3 really nice visits with my doctor and I am sooooooo thankful. I also had a great chat with my little sister yesterday which just reassured me in many ways that this is the best place for Levi and me to be right now.

I am so thankful for the Lord providing in so many ways. As much as the snowstorm has been crazy and has literally crippled the city for much of this week, I am thankful that Greg has been able to be at home with the kids. We are blessed to have people who are willing to help with the kids and that is such a gift, but it is nice to know that we aren't over working them all at the moment:) And the kids have been blessed by extra time with their daddy. I know God will provide for all of the changes that come with a new baby, Lord willing, but also for the special transitions that will take place when I return home eventually.



Carolina said...

Thank you for your encouraging words on my post. I am glad to hear a second person talk about the 'terrific twos' and I hope just for a time that I can embrace as best as I can.

I've prayed for you and Levi a couple of times this week. Will continue to pray for your family and the rest of the kids!

Ella said...

Praying for you Aunt Sara!!! We love you <3

Ebe said...

We are praying fervently for Levi and you. I'm glad you're in good care right now and I know you are happy to have all that monitoring. I kind of wish I could have had that with Hannah, but praise God, she made it out okay. We pray for you guys so often and hope your family at home is doing well too. I'm sure that Greg is doing a great job!