Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Anna has a couple of he dolls from www.visionforum.com and for her birthday a couple of weeks ago she got a matching Historical dress for her doll and herself. She was so proud of that present... I am so blessed to have her in my life. She has been going to each of my Doctor's appointments with Greg and I. She has seemed to be a bit more needy as of late, not sure why that is.
We worked like crazy this week to get a full weeks worth of school done... but it didn't fully happen. I think Anna is the only one who will have to work a bit more this week. But after that I am excited to just hang out with the kids and enjoy playing games together without the schedule of school for the next week. Yay for perseverance:)
We had a break through with Sweet Baby girl. I have been sort of trying to blanket train her while we do school. She is the MOST busy little one, I have ever seen. She is the first of all the kids to color on the wall amongst many other things... She is just busy, busy, busy... :) But yesterday and today she was so good. She actually sat on the blanket and played with the toys and stayed put while we all did Science. Maybe I am speaking too soon, who knows what she will be like tomorrow:) She has never been one to play by herself... it was so nice to see.
I can not believe that in a few years we will have had her with us for full year. Craziness! We are thankful for the precious and wildly fun gift that she is to us.

This is a picture Caleb drew on the Magna Doodle for me. It cracked me up. I may have to print this one up to stick in his memory box... :) I would love for his future wife to see that one:)


Louis said...

They make me laugh too.

Ebe said...

I love your sweet kiddos!! I hope you're well today... how is your littlest one?

been thinking about you a lot- when is your due date?? March?


Tonya said...

Love that magna doodle picture! Hope your sweet family is doing well. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family next week, too, without schedules. Would love to talk soon. Praying for you and that little one. We need to see some more pictures of you on here!!! Love you!