Friday, November 19, 2010


UGH!!!! I am pretty much sure that I have a kidney stone on the move...

At first I thought it was a UTI... but after all my natural remedies and being on an antibiotic for over 24 hours... not much has changed. The only other time that I have had where my body didn't respond to the remedies and an antibiotic was when I passed the kidney stone early in the morning... the day I found our I was pregnant with Samuel.

I just wanted to throw it out here on the blog so that you all could pray... We are out of town, and it is making it a bit hard to fully enjoy all the relatives:) Please pray that it would move quickly, (I am drinking so much water, I feel like I might float away:) that it won't be too big to pass on my own... and most of all that this precious little guy inside of me will be protected.

By the way... I am finally feeling him move a lot more....:) I love it, it melts my heart completely... I have thought I have been feeling him move the last 4 weeks... but just such tiny movements... now I am getting bigger ones:) Yay!

This may sound crazy (totally different than the natural childbirth instructor, birth doula, that I used to be) but, I am praying that they can induce me a couple of weeks early, like maybe 38 or so weeks, that is the plan at least with my Doctor and the High Risk doctor. That would make 19 weeks 1/2 way there... I will be 21 weeks on Sunday... I am so thankful to God to be this far... but I can hardly believe it.

I will keep you posted on the kidney stone... Thank you so much for your prayers!


Tonya said...

Sweet Sara,

I will pray for you to pass that stone quickly and with as little pain as possible. No fun anyway but to be out of town has to make it way worse.

It's funny how our experiences change our persepctive, huh? I was just like you, nothing during pregnancies but the bare minimum, but after Emma Grace and Grady, I wanted everything done that could be to give us the best chance at delivery of a healthy, living baby.

So glad you're feeling more movement. Have y'all talked names yet? I can't wait...

Hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving! And hope and pray you feel better, too.

Love you!

Laura said...

my doctors let me go in at 38 weeks. I was so glad! I don't blame you for wanting to do that! :)

Cherie said...

Can you please post your natural remedies for an UTI. I get them often especially when we are trying to get pregnant. THANKS!