Monday, November 8, 2010


Anna went a little overboard on the freckles:) I could still just eat her up:)

Jojo and Hope as Chocolate and white milk...

We have been soooooo busy. I don't really see it letting up anytime soon. We had a great time with my in laws here last week, they were very gracious to help with meals... what a HUGE help. A lot of days I just feel like throwing eggs or pancakes on the table. (But didn't really want to do that for company:) I am feeling so much better as far as nausea goes, but it does still come and go. I am just really tired... but I am so thankful to have the gift of this baby making me tired... so thankful!

I loved the service we had for Orphan Sunday. We actually had a new girl that has been coming to the teen group at church who wanted to be baptized. It was so special... had me choked up for sure. It is just so cool to see God working in her life... so cool. I love to see Greg's passion for the orphan, the needy, the lonely. I prayed the Lord worked in hearts to move/give fo themselves on behalf of those who need so much.

It just breaks my heart to think that there are so many kids that do with out what most of us just take for granted... a mom and dad... a family who will stick by them... love... compassion and care... and so very much more. And the thing is they are the innocent ones... they didn't ask for that to be their lot in life to be without a mother, father, or family. Oh my, so much for my heart to take in sometimes. Our reality is so much different... I just keep coming back to the fact that we are so spoiled and warped here in America in so many ways. We don't really have a clue as to how so much of the rest of the world lives each and every day.

We are gearing up to have some kids stay with us this Tuesday and Wednesday that are a part of an international choir that is doing a concert at our church. The kids are so excited!

Just thankful these days for the blessings of being home with my kids... getting to experience life with them and Greg each day... each day is a gift.

Praying in earnest tonight for my sweet friend in NE in labor right now... and my sister in law who will have surgery this Wednesday!


mom2many said...

I LOVE the milk outfits! That is awesome! And I love that Hope still takes a bottle! So does Emma and I'm not ready to give it up! LOL!

Christa said...

Love the white and chocolate milk outfits! ADORABLE!

Callie said...

They look sooooooooo cute. Can't wait to see my awesome cousins in a couple days!!!!! You guys rock. Love Anna's freckles! love you again!