Monday, October 4, 2010


The older boys and I made the 3 hour trek up to Springfield MO for A NIGHT WITH THE CHAPMANS...
Over the last 2+ years my heart has been ministered to by their whole family. When their sweet precious Maria went to be with Jesus and I started following their story more closely I never would have imagined that we too would be losing a child just 5 mos. later. The Lord used them to prepare my heart in many ways.
Watching them grieve openly on the Larry King Live show...
Seeing their gut level honesty of what grief is like on their blogs...
And yet through it all seeing them still proclaiming the Lord's faithfulness amidst their questions and struggles blessed my heart immensely when I had to come to grips with losing my own son.
So much of what MaryBeth said tonight and in the past through her blog was like hearing words right from my own mouth... she doesn't sugar coat it at all... which I so appreciate it. She is real about the lowest of the lowest points as well as giving Hope for the promise we have of eternity with our little ones. I just love her to pieces... (Is that weird?... I am totally not a stalker:)
Seeing their boys again and seeing them perform with their dad was so neat... honestly when SCC was performing some of the songs off his newest CD Beauty Will Rise... it was almost too much for me at times... had I been in the privacy of my own home... I would have done the ugly cry FOR-SURE! Knowing personally the deep pain he was describing and hearing him sing it himself right in front of me was almost too much to bear... I am so thankful for the work the Lord is doing through their family and the strenght he gives them.
I was able to talk with Caleb's wife Julia during the intermission... I had spoken with her on the phone shortly after Samuel died as we and many others had money given to them in memory of Samuel. She remembered last year's donation when Greg's cousin did the cook off to raise $5000 for SHOW HOPE in memory of Samuel... I was completely in awe of God's work through them for ophans ... worldwide... it was totally inspiring... and made me really want to get my hands dirty... not just sit by safely in my comfort zone... and of course it made me want to adopt like 10 more kids... (I am kidding... maybe not 10:) but wow, my heart hurts for those kids that need and deserve families to love them fully!
It was such a special night... well worth the drive...:)
As MaryBeth said tonight, "We are so thankful to be able to stand here tonight and thank you personally for your prayers over the last 2 1/2 years. We are still very much in the trenches of grief, and if the Lord brings us or Will Franklin to mind, would you continue to pray for us?" I can not tell you how often I think of that young man and the burden that must be on his heart many days... and how often I pray for all of them... But after seeing and talking with him a 3rd time tonight... He is such an amazing kid... so sincere... He inspires me to keep putting one foot in front of the other each day. I just know that God is going to use what he has gone through for His glory.
Isn't that what we all want... the Lord to use us where we are at... the good, bad and ugly of our lives for His glory... it is so hard for us to see that big picture sometimes in our trials... But that is my prayer as always... use me Lord ... use my small life Lord... use Samuel's short precious life, even now Lord...don't waste this pain Father... Take me out of my comfort zone Lord... Let me get dirty for you God... May it all be for your glory!!

Steven Curtis Chapman
Sweet Will Franklin:) Caleb loved watching him drum... wow, was he good!

Caleb Chapman... Louis totally enjoyed watching him. I think we are going to have to get started again with the guitar lessons after tonight:)

The boys and Caleb... yes our boys need hair cuts in a serious way!

The boys and Will Franklin:)


Tonya said...

WOW! What an amazing night! I'm not sure I could have kept the ugly cry at bay... Praying for you and that precious baby every day! My heart is so very heavy for Grady and Samuel these days. Love and miss you sweet friend!


Stacy said...

What a blessed night! Continually marvel at God and the way He prepares our hearts, comforts us in our grief, and showers us with His grace, bringing the body of Christ around us to carry us and minister to us so tangibly.

Love the pictures of your boys at the end. They are too cute.:) It's funny because out two oldest boys play the guitar as well. We seem to have much in common.

Praying you are feeling well and being strengthened each day.

Much love,

Carolina said...

We saw them on concert in Tampa when I was about 5 months pregnant with Jack. I thought it was so sweet and wonderful how they talked openly about Maria and were honest about their journey. The Chapman family has been a great blessing to us as well! So glad you got not only see them but meet them too :)

Callie said...

Hey Aunt Sarah! caleb and will look just alike(not cousin caleb)! Miss you guys. Say hi to everyone! love you.