Thursday, October 7, 2010


So it looks like maybe this Saturday we will find out if we will, Lord willing, be adding a little boy or a little girl to the family in the Spring.

The funny this is... last Thursday when we went to my regular appt. with my OB, he did another ultrasound. I was so enamored with the beautiful profile of this little one and the perfectly beating heart that I didn't even think to look for the gender. After visiting with the Dr. for a bit, he left and Greg looked to me and said, "I think that I know what it is..." I laughed, "Are you kidding me?" The doctor happened to walk back in and asked what we were laughing about. We told him and he said that if he had to make a guess he would say he thought that Greg was right. What is funny is, that Greg can normally barely make out the face on an ultrasound.

In our previous pregnancies, we never found out the sex of the little one that we were carrying. For me there was something so fun about the surprise of it all. When I had Anna and Jojo, I didn't have any medications or epidurals so I really wanted the surprise at the end to look forward to. It was so fun to not have the Doctor announce the sex when they were born, but to hear Greg tell me who it was by naming them whatever we had chosen for a boy or a girl.

This may sound strange... but since Samuel was stillborn, I have totally changed my view on all of this. After we had him, and only had the 5 hours with him, before we handed his sweet little body back to the nurses and left the hospital, I have wished I had known it was him in there for the 9 mos. that I carried him. I know that I bonded with him... but I had just wish I had known it was him...had been able to call him by name even. Since the 9 mos. was all we had with him, I wish I had known everything that was possible to know about him during that time.

And quite honestly as far as the surprise goes... after you have given birth to a baby that isn't alive anymore... just having a living baby that is pink and screaming, will by far take the cake over the surprise of the gender of that little one.

So this Saturday, we will all head to the ultrasound office to meet with our friend Leslie and see if we can figure out who this little pumpkin is. We have never cared one bit if we were had a boy or girl, and it is the same this time... although Anna is pulling for another girl:) We are just praying for a healthy little one. Hopefully, we will get that sneak peek, and then I have my full anatomy ultrasound in a few weeks.

I have my guess... but do any of you have any guesses? We have had 4 boys and 1 girl biologically... as well as precious Hope through adoption... don't forget this little one is adopted as well... It won't be long and we will hopefully know:)


Anonymous said...

girl -- the Stocktons

Tonya said...

I honestly don't have a feeling what you're having but I'm inclined to guess a boy since Greg thinks he knows. Boy parts sometimes stand out on u/s. I can't believe you're far enough along to find out the gender. I know it's going very slowly for you, but your pregnancy is flying for me.

I absolutely agree with you about needing to know who this baby is. We didn't find out with either of the girls, and we only found out Grady was a boy because we had so much girl stuff. I knew we would need to prepare more for a boy. But with Matthew, there was NO question about finding out. It was a done deal as soon as we found out we were expecting. I loved calling him by name long before he was born.

I will wait anxiously for a blog post with your news tomorrow. But I will be home if you want to add me to your list of people to call! :)

Praying for you and that little one!


mom2many said...

Hoping for a girl...I don't know why, maybe because boys are stinky?? God knows best, but I think a girl would be easier for wouldn't have to compare everything to Samuel. Maybe that's not an issue for you? It kind of is for me. Aaron is getting close to the age Jacob was when he's kind of hard.

katie said...

I'm guessing it's a boy... due to the clue that Greg was able to point out what he thought it was on the ultrasound. hehe! I'm like you though... either way is a-ok with me!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear!! I'm thinking a boy. Love you, Beth