Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday my dear friend Ebe at gave birth to a precious 4 lb 6oz miracle baby girl Hannah Mae. You may remember when I blogged about visiting these two precious ladies above, my real life blog friends Ebe and Tonya in Georgia on my way home from Florida this past January. Who knew you could grow to love people so much just by having so many shared experiences of loss, encouraging one another through emails and comments, and by supporting one another through it all. Our visit was incredible... but I won't go on and on about it. (Check back in my archives to January and you can read about it... I don't know how to link back to it...sorry:) Ebe, lost her firstborn Owen in November 2008 and has since had two losses through miscarriage... but now is holding her precious Hannah Mae in her arms... You can check out pictures of sweet Hannah Mae on her blog linked above. Praise God for His faithfulness in bringing Hannah Mae safely here and into Ebe's long waiting arms. I have cried tears of sorrow for her but now they are replaced with tears of joy:) Thank you God.
My other sweet friend above Tonya... just revealed her new pregnancy on her blog... even though I knew about it back in January:) She lost baby Grady just 12 days after our Samuel went to Heaven and she also had a miscarriage before Grady. I so often think of our boys in heaven together... and Samuel welcoming Grady home so soon after his own arrival there. (I know I have no real clue what heaven is like, but it comforts me to think of them there together) I am so thrilled for her... another baby boy:) I had been obsessively, checking Ebe's blog yesterday for an update on Hannah Mae's arrival knowing she had been induced the night before... but it was Tonya who called me with the news of her safe arrival. Now prayers turn to prayers of thanksgiving for Hannah Mae, and will continue in earnest for Tonya's new baby boy who will most likely arrive at the end of the summer. Tonya, you know I am so thrilled for you friend. May the Lord carry you through the rest of this pregnancy and may He give you peace when it need it dear friend.
And 2 days ago a friend who used to attend our church and also came to my infant loss support gave birth to baby girl Sophia Esther. Congratulations Mary Susan, on your precious new arrival.
As I was taking a walk in the neighborhood yesterday afternoon, I was overcome with thankfulness to God. He has safely brought two of these babies here into waiting arms that have literally waited through years of loss and emptiness. I am so grateful to Him for His provision and protection of those baby girls. It just reminded me that God is sovereign... ultimately in complete control of all of the big details and the little ones.
He knows the desires of my heart. He created me as a young girl with those desires... He knows my thoughts... all of them, as peaceful as they are at times and as crazy as they are at times... And even as we approach Samuel being gone from us for 18 mos tomorrow (how my heart and arms still ache for that precious boy), He knows my worries, sorrows, and concerns, as I continually lay them at His feet each day... He knows my joys over His amazing blessings to me , my family, and my friends... He knows it all... even though I repeatedly express it all to Him over and over again... He knows it all before I even utter a word. There is comfort for me in knowing that HE KNOWS... HE HEARS IT ALL AND HE KNOWS:)


Charity said...

I am so happy for Ebe and Tonya too! God is so good.

Ebe said...

:) Thanks Sara!!!