Monday, April 26, 2010


I don't often join in on Mckmama's blog Carnival NOT ME MONDAY... but the last couple of days I have found great humor in my kiddos and my life. NOT ME MONDAY was born out of Mckmama's desire to admit some of our imperfections and come clean as moms and women... we are only human right??:)

Here goes...

I most certainly did not almost wet my pants from laughing so hard when the kids and I were doing some schooling on the tramp today... the schooling didn't have me in stitches... but the fact that my husband snuck on and literally sent us all as well as our books and piles of blankets and pillows flying all around as he bounded all around us... don't worry sweet baby girl wasn't on there with us... she was down for a nap.

I would never have to stop mid prayer during our nightly family prayers from getting caught in giggles realizing that one of my children had randomly asked me to pray for him to not puke (mind you we have all been as healthy as horses) same said child also couldn't have requested prayer for him to be able to stop tootin... that could not be possible... my children have way more class than that. (What is it with boys and bodily functions?:)

I would never have to break into an anatomy lesson in the middle of our science lesson on primates today because the following completely off topic conversation didn't possibly take place...

Child: "Mom is there some other kind of Milk Dud besides the chocolate Mild Dud.?"
Me: "Nope honey, I believe that is the only kind of Milk Dud I can think of."
Child: "Are you sure mommy, I thought you have mentioned another kind of Milk Dud"
Me... thinking more deeply of course..."Hmmmm, I can't think of any other kind."
Child: "But mom you said that the milk in a mommies breast comes from the Milk Dud"

I of course can't recall the previous conversation where I mentioned this other kind of Milk Dud:)

I would never get a total kick out of wiping my little guys rear... when there are comments made like, "Look mom, sweet baby girl and I have twin turds... don't mine look just like hers?" I would never think of that as humorous, but would have rather did some talking about how we really don't need to comment on or compare the results of our bodily functions with the results of others.

It was certainly not me who when offered something to drink at our couples bible study the other night... asked for a little "something... something..." instead of my typical water... That couldn't have been me.

It definitely isn't me who is sooo sore from trying to keep up with Jillian Michaels and her 30 day Shred... UGH!

And it couldn't possibly be me who lacks such discipline that I am forcing myself to sit here so I don't get up and go grab that whole dark chocolate candy bar that is calling my name from the pantry...UGH!

There you have it... :)


Carolina said...

Sarah- All of these made me crack up, my favorite was the little one asking for no more tooting! Thanks for sharing these, it brightened my day :)

mom2many said...

Hilarious. And kudos for schooling on the tramp! I don't go near ours for fear of my uterus falling out! My bio boys are circumcised. Jacob was not. One of them said, "Wow, Mom, his wrong spot really hangs down there, doesn't it?" LOL! Oh...and btw...the "wrong spot" is called that because "you know, when you get hit in the wrong spot?" BOYS!!!!

Christa said...

Love it! Too funny! Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wish! :)

Tonya said...

I loved reading your NOT ME MONDAY! I was going to do one but never got around to it. I hope you're doing well! Love and miss you friend! Always praying...

Sherri said...

So funny, Sara!
I think Jo Jo would definitely fit in with my two kiddos. At least they would be on the same strange wave-length most of the time :)
Thank you for the notes you posted on my blog. I will try and get an e-mail to you. Praying for you as well.
Love, Sherri