Sunday, May 24, 2009


OK, I am letting you in on a little secret... I am a total American Idol addict. No, not really an addict, but I love watching it. We don't watch any of the shows of the tryouts. They can just be too brutal and mean. We usually pick up once they get it down to 32 contestants or so. Of course I was sad when Danny Gokey, my fellow Milwaukeean (is that even a word??) and worship leader at his church got kicked off. So when it was down to Adam and Kris Allen, we totally had to pull for Kris. Even though my husband and I both have tatoos:) neither one of us are really rockers... unless of course you are at the Seminary Valentines Dance:) ( I just had to put that one in there for my fellow Sunday night Club ladies and the fond, funny, no crazy, memories of that night, it still makes me laugh when I think about it.)

So on Wednesday when it was revealed that Kris won, the Hintz household was excited. I just found out that Kris too is a worship leader at his church. How cool is that? I am hoping that he can use his new found fame with American Idol to share his faith. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Hmmmm. Any other secrets I can let you in on???

  • OK, I also love The Biggest Loser.

  • Once I start eating Swedish fish or Dark Chocolate I have a hard time stopping.

  • My family thinks I am a bit of a neat freak.

  • I can't stand the texture of Oatmeal... unless it is baked.
  • I love Chinese food, it is probably my favorite.
  • I must love to eat, most of these have been about food:)

Obviously those aren't real interesting secrets... but honestly I don't have too many. I am kind of an open book. Enjoy your Sunday and the video of Kris leading worship at his church.


Tonya said...

This is the first season since Idol started that I haven't watched and now I'm mad that I didn't! I watched this video from another blog and I love it that he won!

I, too, LOVE the Biggest Loser. It is my favorite reality tv show. The people inspire me, and I cry right along with them!

And I'm right there with ya on the Dove chocolates too - YUM! That's why I don't buy them! I'll eat the whole bag in a day! Those and peanut butter (NOT peanut), but peanut butter m&m's.

Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

Those are probably the shows I would watch too, if we watched t.v.! I'm a sucker for reality television (hmm, wonder if that's why I like blogging so much). I also love chocolate and being a neat freak! I knew we had tons in common. . . except for the Swedish fish thing. I don't really get that one (but I love candy corn and junior mints though!)