Monday, February 23, 2009


My heart is heavy. On Saturday night I received an email from the director of CPO the Crisis Pregnancy Center that we may adopt through. One of the director's assistants was due to have her baby girl any day. She found out that afternoon that the baby had died in the womb due to a cord accident.

Oh, I know all too well, the pain they are feeling today as they leave the hospital empty handed when they had anticipated leaving with their arm's full and hearts overflowing with joy and love. I know the range of emotions and grief that they will experience over the next months and my heart is broken for them. Knowing where I am at just 4 months later and how raw my heart still feels I grieve for them.

Please pray for the Johnson family that the Lord would wrap His arms around them and fill them with an immeasurable peace right now. Pray that the Lord would send just the right people to minister to them during this difficult, heartbreaking time.



Rachel said...

Since we know their pain, we know how to pray. I hope that she is able to seek you out for comfort.

Samantha said...

Sara friend,
I will be praying today. I pray that as you reach out to her that God uses your heart to help mend hers. Thank you for sharing with your blog family. Love you.

Hope James Wilson said...

praying in Georgia...